Our International Legal Practice is based on our expertise in key legal practice areas including Business/Corporate, Real Estate, and Immigration. We have experience representing global companies launching new ventures and pursuing business and personal interests in the U.S. and Asia.   

As an all-inclusive service, international law firm, we offer our clients to use the benefits of our wide professional network. We work with other professionals beyond the legal sector and can arrange their assistance in case our clients may need it. 

We counsel foreign companies/nationals in the following areas:

Startups and Entrepreneurs Starting up a new business in the U.S., purchase of an enterprise, establishment of a partnership or joint venture or expansion of their domestic businesses within the U.S.

General Corporate/Corporate Governance – Assistance with daily transactions and operations, draft and negotiate various contracts with investors, partners, employees, suppliers and customers, and compliance with local laws and regulations

Real Estate – Acquisition, disposition, leasing, lending and financing of residential and commercial, and investments

Immigration – Immigration to the U.S. for our clients, their business associates and their families

Our Attorneys


Kidong Justin Kim, Esq.

Kidong Justin Kim, Esq. (Of Counsel)


Tulane University Law School '08

Michigan State University

Shenandoah Valley Academy


Kate Shinyou Hur, Esq.


Rutgers University Law School '07

Ewha Womans University